TanTanTra is a space for creation.

It is a space for Art.

It is a space for Spirituality.

It is a space for Freedom.


Love Love Love

It is the space for letting happen everything that wants to happen in the now.

It is nothing fixed, it is a process, a seed that we plant.

Let's create a new World together.

Let's dream it, water it and finally manifest it, together.

What is the difference between ''I like you'' and '' I love you''.
When you like a flower you just pluck it. But when you love a flower you water it every day.



Aruno & Anna



Aruno was born in Odisha, into the traditional culture of East India. He is the grand child of a flute playing mystic, tantric, natural healer. (He got his tantric knowledge from his mother. Aruno received luckily, caring and massages from her as a baby).as well as of Kirtan singer( his paternal grandfather). Brother of his paternal grandfather, was a famous dancer and dance teacher in his locality. His father, an open minded person, a mathematic teacher, was also a passionate tabla (Indian percussion instrument) player, and a teacher in that too. His mother a yoga practitioner as well is a passionate music lover. 

 Aruno has studied in his home country, classical Indian vocal and music (Odissi) (Hindustani) and was teaching and performing for many years in those subjects. He is into studies practice of  Indian Vedic astrology , Westen astrology and Numerology since more than  15 years. Along with that, he was into training for some dance forms, like, odissi classical dance, Chhau Tribal Martial Art dance, modern, bollywood styles, Capoera, Contemporary, Salsa, Zouk, Bachata, Kizomba, Tango, Freestyle forms. And of course for some little time, he was into training for  South Indian martial art practices, kallaripayatu, Silambam.

Grown up in the family tradition of a daily ritual consisting of yoga, pranayama, prayers and meditation and by means of his own authentic intensive practice of voice, singing, chanting mantras, phonation and body work, Aruno developed "Voice Yoga".

Further he learned different massage techniques, which he combines healing with his world of sounds.

He comes from a typical east Indian family, but still very much open to learn new things and much open to explore the life to different extents in a beautiful way. He believes that,, " We stay young in mind,,as long as we keep on learning new things".

His Massage or therapy technique includes mostly the energy from white tantra, with the combination of yogic balancing touch, reiki, and Ayurveda. technique. 

He also offers red tantra massages. Its bit intensive and bit intimate,,but with full of trust and respect to the clients.

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Dancer and Tantra Massage Therapist

Born in a Family of four sisters, I have been very close to my feminity and to feminine topics as woman cycle(with the connection to the moon) and female sexuality, since teenager.

Since childhood I was in contact with Tantric workshops and retreats from Oshos style, as my grandmother was a Tantric terapist and organised retreats in her home in Italy.

I was always very connected to nature, music and to movement.

As a Child I learnt piano, trompete, I went to a circus school and trained gymnastics.

2005 I started to take bellydance classes in that time I was living with my grandmother in Italy.

Few years later I started to dance in a Restaurant as a bellydancer. Then I taught a group of girls with whom I presented performances.

The effect of that dance, I could observe in me and on my students, amazed me many times.

It it a very strong and empower-full dance. More and more I got conscious about the feelings and effects in the body and mind inside me.

As I had always been attracted to humans and cultures I travelled since young age.

I spent one high school year in England where I studied theater, music and sociology.

I made my first education as social educator, in Switzerland.

2014 I travelled to Buenos Aires where I first discovered contact Improvisation.

As my heart got broken I fell in love with tango.

It started a deep healing process though and with tango.

I studied this art in the studio ''Dinzel'' and in their University, later I started to study in the UNA (Universidad de la artes) as ''interprete de tango''.

Much I learnt in the ''milongas'' and from the argentinian culture. 

I had the chance to give very different kinds of performances and to free myself from inner chains.

My way to live and dance tango involves something very special. It is a dance that developed in difficult times for humanity. And it can save us. From Heart pain, from hopelessness from nostalgia etc..

I can now connect my tantric knowledge, to this powerful and deep dance.

2017 I came back to Switzerland and I suddenly felt attraction to tantra. I started my first Tantra training with Aneesha in the ''Seminar Haus Wittenbach''. It was for me a moment of coming back to my inner world, to remember who I really am, how does it feel to be authentic. to come back to the simplicity of being in the now. That brought healing that was sometimes painful, sometimes full of joy and love. I realised how every feeling is just coming through me. I can choose to live it, go into it, or observe it. Every choice contains its own quality.

I also came back to butoh dance. Where I found very similar inner learning, but expressed differently, in form of performance.

The same year I got pregnant and gave birth to my first Son, Noa. 

This event forced me to become more stable and grounded, as I am since then responsible for an other life.

2019 I completed an education as Bellydance teacher in Zeot(Zentrum für orientasche Tanzkunst) and started to teach this art again, in Winterthur.

2020-2021 I completed an education in body mind centering, with Helena Nicolao.

2021 I started to work as a Tantric massage therapist.

I am very grateful to be here on earth, to keep on learning everyday, to experience and to share my love.

I am a simple human being that makes mistakes. The important thing for me is not anymore to be perfect and to do everything right, no. I can sometimes also do left. Or accept my mistake and learn out of it.

My way is surely untypical as I very soon started to listen to my intuition more than to the normal way.



Find the universe within you

Lets find out , who we are really in this body and mind, through this body and mind, with joyful application of biggest tantra methodology and sacred love, towards the direction of liberation  (mokshya) and to find out the best gift, what we can give the best to the earth. 

Wir sind von unterschiedlichen Wegen an die selben Künste und spirituellen Wegen gekommen.

Tango und Tantra und Liebe ist was uns verbindet.

Unsere polare Herkunft (Osten/Westen)  schenken uns verschiedene Perspektiven die uns gegenseitig bereichern.

Dieses Glück und die Freude in unseren Herzen möchten wir mit euch teilen.



Self, Love and Art

Life is never perfect, so we all are also not perfect. But with this acceptance of imperfections, what we can do our best that to try, to make the life more beautiful and more beautiful ,, with little bit consciousness, understanding, action/no-action and with respect, to self and others.  You know, each of us, has a special beauty and quality on this earth. So there is no competition, in between,, rather only respect to each other. Because we are all special individuals. I believe that there is a purpose,, that we are born on this earth as a human being,, with a super brain and super bodily possibility. So lets make the best out of it.

Wir glauben in die Kraft der Liebe als das grösste was es gibt.

Mit Liebe kann man sich von innen immer weiter transformieren und so die Welt um uns.



 Schweiz, Indien und Worldwide

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